Decorative Window Film

What is decorative window film?…..

Decorative window film is a modern, contemporary and cost effective way of updating your glass quickly and simply, the chic alternative to blinds and drapes.

Depending on your style or need we offer a wide range of decorative window films for use across the home or office.

Our frosted window films are increasingly popular, especially where privacy is required, for example they are often used on street facing windows, bathroom doors, and office partitions. For semi-privacy we have a wide range of patterned window films, which depending on the design offer varying levels of privacy.

In addition we have a beautiful selection of coloured window films. Transparent, they illuminate a room when the sun shines through, giving both ambiance and flare to your interior. With a selection of colours ranging from pretty rose pink and lilac, through to more vivid spring green and azure blue, there’s a colour to suit every person and every space.