Security Film

Windows and glass are seen as a potential weak link when it comes to security, but an application of our specialist film can provide a useful barrier; serving to deliver increased security.

Our range of security films can be applied to existing glass, removing the expensive costs to change windows or units. We have a security film that can cover most needs or situations.

Available in a broad range of thicknesses from essential safety film to blast protection. Our security film will allow the glass to withstand an amount of impact which slows down and deter intruders, while also protecting against accidental damage.

Reduce insurance costs?

With certain privacy films making it hard to see in to offices, homes etc you can prevent yourself from becoming a target to theft. If passers by are unable to see in to rooms with computers, tv's , tablets and other expensive electrical goods thieves are more likely to move along.

With the installation of security films, making glass harder to smash, most thieves would avoid the fuss and target elsewhere.


Our privacy films come in a wide selection ranging from one-way mirrored films to frosted and patterned films all giving varying levels of privacy. By hiding valuables etc from view you can become less of a target for theft, as well as giving you privacy within your home or work.

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