Frosted Window Film

Great for home or office

frostIf you are after a film that offers privacy, can obscure an unsightly view, or simply for a contemporary update to an interior, there is no better film than our frosted range. We offer a wide selection of quality frosted films, from plain white frosted, through to our new tinted frosted films.

Our frosted film can be used on any flat glass surface. We find it great for home or office, from street facing windows, bathroom and kitchen windows to glass door panels and glass cupboard doors. Translucent, this film completely hides the view, without darkening the room and allows a soft defuse of light to pass through. When an internal light is on it is possibly to make out defused shapes.

Where privacy is essential, such as bathroom windows and doors, we recommend the plain frosted film. But for where you want to be more creative, we also have a rage of decorative and graphic frosted films that offer a semi-privacy effect to your glass. Again when an internal light is on you can make out defused shapes, other than where the film is cut out.

Another benefit of the frosted film is an increase in the safety of the glass. Along with making the plain glass panels more obvious, it will also act like a laminate in the event of an accident.

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