School Window Film

Safety & security, privacy, heat & glare control and decorative film....just a few films that can provide protection, as well as improved ambience in your school.

In any nursery, school, or university environment, we have to ensure that we are protecting the children and students that are playing and learning there. Wether this is adding safety film to glass or protecting from harmful UV rays, heat and glare we have a film solution for most requirements.

Solar Heat & Glare Reduction Films

Our solar control films block 99.9% of damaging UVA and UVB, as well as reducing dramatically heat and glare into classrooms. This can ease discomfort in the summer months,or low winter sunshine, as well as reducing the risks from damaging UV rays. (This includes Llumar AU85 which is now approved by the British Skin Foundation for it's advanced UV protection) These films also provide privacy to stop prying eyes seeing in to areas with computers and other costly equipment.

Privacy Film in Schools

Depending on the level of privacy you require, we offer a range of one-way mirrored reflective films (allowing you to see out, but others to not see in), as well as plain frosted film, which gives dual privacy, but still allows plenty of natural light through. We also have a wide selection of decorative window films, which provided varying levels of privacy.

Multi-Coloured Window Films 

We have a selection of 16 transparent coloured window films. This can also be applied with safety film if required. They provide beautiful rainbow displays, which are accentuated further when the sun shines through them casting colours over the floors and walls. A truly mesmerising and aseptically pleasing effect for children and adults alike. Please see our case studies for some examples of completed projects.

Safety and Security Film

Installing Llumar film can help to increase personal safety by the reduction of risk of injury from broken glass. Existing glazing can be upgraded to meet EN 12600 impact classifications, enabling the glazing to meet project requirements. Manifestation is also available if required.






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