Tint Shades and Specifications

The Window Film Centre uses Llumar window film with the key features

  • made for us by Llumar using advanced engineering techniques to the most demanding UK and US standards.
  • one of the most powerful range of UV blocking auto films available
  • tough- it has the best scratch resistant surface of any film made
  • never fades
  • low maintenance and can be cleaned with soft damp cloth
  • some of our films are now approved by the British Skin Foundation
  • 7 year manufacturer warranty

Fitting Llumar window film to your car’s glass is not just about enhancing the appearance of your vehicle – there are many significant environmental, health and safety benefits for you and your passengers.


Tint Shades

  • UV+ 05 Ultra Dark – Total privacy film hence aka “Limo”
  • UV+ 15 Dark – Our most popular film for 4 x 4s and MPVs, day time privacy and night time visibility – aka “Midnight”
  • UV+ 20 Mid – Very popular film for saloons & hatchbacks – aka “Dark Smoke”
  • UV+ 35 Light – A very understated subtle film improves the look of all cars – aka “Medium Smoke”
  • UV+ 50 Very Light – Discrete film with good solar protection -aka “Visual Titanium/Light Smoke”
  • UV+ 75 Very Light – Discrete film with good solar protection -aka Light Smoke
  • Air 80 UV+ -Very light film, specifically to protect vehicle users against the harmful effect of UV rays.
  • AU85 Windscreen – Our very latest automotive window film. Specifically designed to reduce heat that comes into your car through the windscreen.

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