Heat Control Film


Used in hundreds of homes all over the UK, heat reflective and solar control window film can help reduce your air conditioning costs while providing an affordable and healthier environment for you and your to live in.

There is a wide selection of solar control films, offering varying levels of heat and glare control and privacy. But all of the have up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB blocking, which will reduce the heat in the summer months, as well as providing UV protection to you and your loved ones. This is also a very popular series of films for clients that suffer with medical conditions which can be triggered or elevated from UV exposure.

Our one-way mirror finish will also deter potential burglars and provide privacy , as well as offer a high level of security-allowing you to see out but keeping prying eyes away from your home. So you can relax in the knowledge that expensive electrical items, such a TV’s, laptops, tablets etc are hidden from view.

Our films are and excellent way to protect your home for solar heat gain, and glare without making it dimmer and provide a natural view.

Can I Save on Bills?

With a high reduction of heat and glare coming in to the building, homes can save £££ on air conditioning each year. The savings far outweigh the amount of having film installed.

Is It Long Lasting?

All our films have manufacturer warranties between 10-15 years +

Can I Get Privacy Too?

Our heat controls window films offer varying levels of privacy. Most of our heat control films are mirrored, and will allow you to see out, but passers by to simply see a mirrored reflection of them selves. Providing a more secure and comfortable living environment.

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