Happy New Year! 

It's the time of year, when Christmas is over and everyone is starting to think about spring and summer. Wether it's having a spring clean, donating clutter to charity, or simply adding a few bunches of daffodils and tulips to your home. 

Window film is a great addition to any home, from privacy film (frosted, one-way mirrored etc) or solar control film (offering UV protection, reducing heat, glare and fade) in your home. With the addition of window film, it can provide year round comfort, but especially so in the summer months. So if its a over heating conservatory, or summer room, fading of furnishings/flooring/art work, or simply wanting to reduce the glare coming into your home our window films can offer style, performance and protection. 

Contact us today for more information on (01473) 272600 or email info@windowfilmcentre.co.uk We have some great New Year deals, so once spring arrives you will be ready to go!