This is the start of a project for our school client, here we have used an external film to combat the excessive heat and glare they suffer with. As the windows don’t open we have applied an external film called Llumar RHE20 SI HPR. This will drastically reduce solar heat gain before it enters the building.

Features and Benefits

  • The optimal solution for buildings which have to deal with high solar heat gain and therefore high cooling costs
  • Special technology polymeric scratch resistant coating provides increased durability and easier cleaning – patent applied for
    Improvement in working conditions due to reduction in solar heat gain
  • Reduction air-conditioning costs and hence reduction in energy costs with potential pay back of less than 3 years.
  • Excellent glare reduction for reduced eyestrain and easier working with computer screens
  • Potential reduce CO2 emissions by tens of tonnes per year
  • Blocks out 99% of UV radiation, reducing fading of valuables, fabrics, furnishings and works of art.
  • Daylight privacy – “one way” mirror effect can be achieved under certain lighting conditions
  • Extremely well adapted to single, double and double low-E insulating glazing systems
  • Exterior installation