Here at the Window Film Centre we pride our selves on our quality of work and commitment to customer service. We believe we offer a competitive price for what we do and the quality of the premium quality films we use.

Buyer Beware:

As a warning please be awear of the risk of using a cheap and/or ‘mobile’ window tinter. Although they may quote a few pounds less to have your windows tinted, it comes with risks. Window tinting must be done in a clean, draught free environment, or there is a very high risk of getting contamination (dust and dirt etc) stuck between the film and the glass. And if this does happen do you know how to get hold of a mobile window tinter to get the work rectified? Do they hold insurance that covers the cost of any damage they may accidently do to the vehicle? What is the quality of the film thats being use? (i.e does it scracth easily? Melt in the sunshine? Or turn blue?)

This isn’t an attack on fellow tinters, mearly a word of warning to anyone considering window tinting on your vehicle, and a few pointers to consider. We are seeing more and more rectification jobs coming into us where ‘cheap’ film has been applied badly. We don’t want this to happen to your pride and joy.

Wouldn’t you rather you window film looked more like this, come with a 7 year warranty (including accidental damage), get fitted with one of the worlds best selling brands of window film, by a very experienced fitter?

At the Window Film Centre we are happy to discuss with you your window tinting needs and offer a fair and competitive price.

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