Conservatory Too Hot?

Spring is almost springing, hurrah! But with the increase in daylight hours and the extra heat, conservatories, or glass extensions can become increasingly hot and uncomfortable.

There are many customers that we speak with who are wanting to regain use of their glass space-wether it’s heat or glare thats an issue window film can save the day. We have window films available for both glass and polycarbonate roofs, with varying levels of darkness depending on preference and the levels of heat and glare experienced.

The feedback we have got from customers has been fantastic. Opposed to blinds it stops the heat from entering the room, rather than trapping it like blinds and shutters. But also allows you to still enjoy the view rather than having the blinds across when it’s the beautiful days that you would like to see out to your garden. Customers have reported back, that not only has the film made a massive difference to the heat levels, but they have been able to read, used a computer/ipad etc without the glare making it impossible.

With the high UVA and UVB filters, it also acts to protect you and your family from the suns harmful UV rays, as well as reducing fade to furniture and art work etc.

If you would like to find out more on how we can help you to start enjoying your conservatory, or glass space in your home again please contact us on or free call 0800 328 576. Or simply click the link to view more details on our website, or to use the web form