The latest out of the workshop is this super beautiful Ferrari 458 Speciale. It has had the full treatment-wrapped by hand with Llumar Platinum Paint Protection Film (PPF) to keep the car looking newer for longer.

Life on the road can be rough for automotive paint. Every mile increases the risk of nicks, scratches, stains and more that can spoil your vehicle’s finish – and your day.

LLumar Platinum Paint Protection Film is a virtually invisible layer of film that helps protect your automotive paint, making it less vulnerable to damage from rocks, road debris, winter salt and sand. A ten-year warranty, self-healing surface and HydroGard technology elevate our Platinum Series performance to outstanding levels.

If you experience poor road and weather conditions often, or you enjoy off-roading or track racing, consider our highest level of protection with new LLumar Platinum Extra Paint Protection Film. Apply this stronger, thicker film that offers our very best in chip resistance to areas like bumpers, rocker panels and hoods.

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