New figures have revealed that armed thieves are striking more than 60 times every day….and getting away on mopeds! Comedian Michael McIntyre became one of the latest victims of this crime that’s sweeping the country when he was targeted by a gang of knife-wielding thugs on mopeds while picking his son up from school. After smashing the window on his Range Rover they then demanded his watch.

There has been a rise of 50% with a shocking 22,025 motorcycle muggings in the last year. It’s not just a London based crime, with incidents last week in Birmingham and Essex. There is a target on items such a jewellery and mobile phones and less on the victims themselves.

So what measures can we take to make ourselves less vulnerable?

Along with advice such as keeping expensive jewellery hidden when out and about, and going off the street top use your mobile phone, there is also the advice when in your vehicle, to keep your window closed, and to have security film applied.

Security film, is thicker than normal window film, yet it’s still perfectly clear and also give 99.9% UV blocking. With this moped crime being known for the muggers using hammers as a tool for smashing car windows, it will make this near impossible. When tested it can take almost a minute before someone really hammering over and over on the glass was able to make a dent. So in terms of safety for drivers, this gives the attacker no chance!

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