As part of our car window tinting package, we offer a 7 year warranty, which includes accidental damage cover (T’s & C’s apply). It’s not something that our customers (fortunately for them) have to use very often. However following a bump in a Cornish lane one of our customers popped back into us this morning to have the film re-applied to their cargo glass which had been shattered.

What we have seen when replacing film for customers under the accidental damage policy, is that the film holds the glass in place in an accident where the glass is broken.

On this particular occasion lovely Lexie the Alsatian was in the boot of the car, so when the cargo glass was broken she wasn’t just protected from the hot sun by our film, but it also stopped the glass from shattering onto her.

Heres a few pictures of Lexie back in the car with the film replaced to the new glass..