Summer may be coming to a close, which means those hot hot days where you can’t even sit in your conservatory are becoming a distant memory. The leaves are turning burnt orange on the trees, and the shops are becoming laden with Christmas goodies. But this may be the perfect moment to start planning for next summer, and how you can make your conservatory a more pleasant and inviting environment. 

Everyone uses their conservatories in different way, from relaxing and reading a book, to utilising the space as a play room. But in the summer, these things can all become impossible and very uncomfortable as temperatures can rise well above 40 degrees. If you are looking for protection against the harmful UV rays, as well as reduction in the heat and glare then window film could be the answer.

Window film in a conservatory can provide a great relief to these issues. It provided protection from damaging UV rays, blocking up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB. This in turn, also helps furniture, rugs, artwork, toys etc from becoming faded and sun damaged. The main benefit is that reduction in heat and glare. This will provide a really lovely environment to play, entertain or simply relax. Our customers have reported that with the installation of window film they are now able to enjoy there conservatories again, with reading, or using screens no longer an issue with the glare levels.

Another benefit is that you are able to keep your view to outside, which with the installation of blinds, you loose that. So not only is it often cheaper and cleaner (no fly grave yards) than blinds, but it reflects the heat rather than trapping it.

So what are you waiting for, we provide a FREE no obligatory, budget quote. So while you plan out your spring bulbs, have a thought on how you an re-utilise your conservatory with window film.

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